Sustenance and a caring presence to those in-need in our community

Welcome to Dorothy Day House of Berkeley!

We are a Berkeley-centered nonprofit founded in the spirit of social change activist Dorothy Day that provides nutritional support, emergency winter shelter, and other services to Berkeley's homeless and very low-income residents.

Berkeley has 7% of Alameda County's population, but 40% of the county's homeless. Berkeley hosts most of the county's long-term, chronically-homeless, military veterans, and those on the street with severe mental illness. For more information of local homelessness, click here.

Our community breakfast is served 6 days a week, year-round at Christ Church of Berkeley, located at 2138 Cedar Street, at Walnut in north Berkeley. This serving is open to anyone who shows up, and runs from 7:30am to 8:00am. Join us there if you need a hot breakfast.

Between Thanksgiving and New Year, we distribute warm clothing, personal care items, special meals, and good cheer to hundreds of Berkeleyans in-need, at a time of year that can be as difficult emotionally as it is physically for people on the street. For more information on our holiday season services, click here.

Our emergency storm shelter is open on nights of rain and cold between November and April at First Congregational Church of Berkeley, located at 2345 Channing Way at Durant Avenue, south of campus. The shelter is open to all and usually opens around 7pm until 7am the nest morning. We provide a warm, safe place for both men and women on the street, and accept guests that other programs won't.

We also invite you to join in helping those most in need among us. That's because we can only achieve what we do because of local community support. We welcome your volunteer hours, donations of foodstuffs, equipment, and supplies, and financial contributions.